DIY: topshop grosgrain jacket

A couple days ago I was browsing the topshop site when I saw this cute little number:
now... i loooove topshop, and i loooove this jacket, but i didn't love the price, nor the flat $15 shipping. so i decided to make my own topshop-inspired version. here's a step-by-step on what i did:

i bought a cheap little black cardi from target, a spool of black grosgrain ribbon (7/8"), and I already had black thread, a sewing needle and scissors.

make guide dots on your sweater to help you place your bows evenly. (I used an old eye-liner pencil)

cut the ribbon into 4" strips. make sure to cut the ends on an angle so that your bows are cute! I used about 40 strips.

tie a knot in each strip to form a little bow shape.

now add the bows to your sweater! pull the thread through the fabric (use your dots as a guide), through the bow, and back through the sweater, then tie the two ends in a tight knot.

keep adding bows until you like it! here's my finished product!

topshop jacket: $90+$15 shipping= $105
my DIY version: $15!


  1. lov the creative touch…

  2. Cute Ashley!! Love it!

  3. Love DIY!!! Ashley I am sooo going to try this!!! Love the site ladies keep it coming!!!!!! I have to subscribe <3 Tiffany

  4. I'm diggin the sweater ALOT!!! Def. need to see it in person...this site is the bomb...can't wait for the men's additions -B.C.

  5. I love your site and this fun DIY post. Keep it coming! - Brandi H.

  6. I think your sweater is cuter because it is less busy with all the bows. Great idea :) ~Courtney