i heart studs!!

When I was in middle school, we weren't allowed to wear hoops and I used to think that I was so deprived because hoops were the coolest thing ever. Now, years later, I have quite the opposite sentiment. I have somewhat of an infatuation with studs. Flowers, circle, bells, bows... any type as long as it doesn't extend beyond the bottom of my earlobe. And the best part about them is that you can get a pair for around $20.

Both of these are available on Anthropologie.com and are in the $20 range. Cuteness!

These two are both available at Nordstrom.com. The purple studs are Marc by Marc Jacobs, $48 (I want them), and the ladybugs are Juicy, $42.

And one of my faves that I already own: these Betsey Johnson studded bows. They add personality to any ensemble!


  1. I love studs!!!! I rarely wear hoops because studs are so sophisticated! Good job dilettantes!

  2. I agree that studs always make me feel more classy/sophisticated.

    Betsy Johnson and Juicy always have the cutest studs too (though I love my thrift store studs the best).

  3. I 2nd the lov for studs...the best ones are studs of a Mother or GrandMother...my friend had on gold leave studs the other day...I wanted to steal them...She got them from her GrandMother...ChicVintage at its best