shoes in real life

i got new shoes this weekend... yessss!
shockingly, they're pretty cute and versatile considering that they're from.... forever 21! i wore them all over the place this weekend (and even to work today) without crying in pain so they get an a+ from me!

i guess they're the closest i'll ever come to getting my hands on my dream boots, the chloe lace ups from aw09! womp womp :/

forever 21 greta wedges


  1. OMG i heart the boots!!! Super cute... and I love the leopard tights, where did u get those? I need a pair

  2. they're leggings! i got them from the gap circa 2006 believe it or not! ;)

  3. Wow, that's pretty close to your dream boot at price that doesn't impede you from actually achieving your dreams. I love those.

    Oh, and I love the top picture.

  4. I'm a dude so I don't really know female fashion, but living in NY I come across a lot of cool things.

    I have a friend and at happy hour she showed up in the "dream boot"... I kept calling them a bowling shoe, but I should've known that they were something crazy expensive and not affordable.