being thrifty in the dmv (a dilettantes guest post)

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Being fashion-forward in the DMV definitely comes with its challenges. Despite a range from luxury to inexpensive shopping, we have found that there is a lack of personality among the stores in the area. Chain stores like H&M, Forever 21, and even Urban Outfitters (which are some of our favorites) are so prevalent in this area that it often seems like everybody is wearing the same thing. Of the boutiques that do exist in the area, specifically in Georgetown and on U Street, we find that nearly all of them are extremely pricey. Even the consignment shops in these areas are expensive!

So if you’re like us and you value individuality and your paycheck, we have found the perfect solution: thrift stores! Sure, thrift stores are sometimes full of junk and smell like mothballs, but the prizes you can find there are worth the sacrifice. We have scoured the area and have discovered some amazing items. Put them together with the newer items in your wardrobe for a look that’s all yours and to die for! Think that sounds challenging? It’s easier than you think-- we’ll show you how we did it…

ashley: lace shirt, boots// forever 21, leather skirt// thrifted, thigh highs// h&m
patrice: blouse// thrifted, skirt// bcbgeneration, boots// bcbg

turtleneck// forever 21, scarf// h&m, pants// thrifted

coat// thrifted, tanks// forever 21, jeans// h&m, shoes// balenciaga

this coat had amazing detail (and a matching dress)... great score!

Here are some tips based on our experiences:
1. Don't wear thick or bulky clothing so that you're able to try things on over your clothes.

2. Always wear socks just in case you find shoes!

3. Don't go by the size on the tag. The sizing on lot of vintage clothing is much smaller than present day sizing, so what's labeled an 8 could fit a 2!

4. Don't turn down cute things just because they don't fit! A trip to the tailor would likely still be cheaper than buying it new.

5. Mix and match your thrift and vintage pieces with your newer clothes to keep the look current.


  1. Awesome, I love it!!! And for the record I have a hair appointment tomorrow (thank God!!)

  2. I LOVE that coat. Thrifting is so much fun. I love the thrill of the hunt. :-)

  3. I love the thrift stores. When you find a good deal/cute item, its like you've won something.