and now... my own cool bag

went out on friday and thought it was a good time to take my newest addition for a stroll. say hello to my louis vuitton conte de fees musette! this collection is from 2002 and was a collaboration with the extremely talented illustrator julie verhoeven. the patches are made up of fabrics from different LV limited edition bags. i was so excited about this inconspicuous bag... sometimes it's nice to have an item that's not immediate identifiable by signature prints and colors. i ordered it from the lovely luxirare's new online shop (find the link to her blog in our dailies section)! so many goodies there!! the rest of what i'm wearing isn't all that special, but i included pics anyway since i made an effort to take them. ch-ch-ch-ch check it ouuuut. (word)

shirt + boots + braclets, F21 // jeans, UO // jacket, h&m // purse, luxirare (consigned)


  1. Cute outfit! and I'm SOOOO jealous of that bag!

  2. HOTNESS!! Love it!
    <3 Jen