hole pump

A few weeks ago I went to 368 group's first anniversary party held at the Gucci store. Nothing better than fashionable people in a fashionable environment, right? It was definitely a night of favorites! I wore my fave dark navy cocktail dress, along with a pair of my favorite shoes! They're the louis vuitton fall 2006 extreme babouche hole pump. I literally gagged the first time I saw them.... it was truly love at first sight lol. Anyways, four years later I'm still in love. Check em out!

While I was there I ran in to rapper, Phil Ade. His grandpa sweater is awesome.... see, we love men's fashion too!
dress: marc by marc jacobs// shoes: louis vuitton// bag: louis vuitton


  1. love your dress ,i want it

  2. Out and about. Very cute, Patrice.