all white everything

So now that we've passed the halfway mark of summer, we're in full swing of sundresses, oversized shades, and short shorts. In addition to these, one of the greatest fashion advantages of summer is, you got it, white. We have only but three short months to completely submerge in pure white and not wonder if we're breaking some traditional fashion law. So before Labor Day comes and you have to run from the fashion police, here are some awesome whites.

Chloe´courtesy of Stiletto Effect

Marc Jacobs courtesy of Shoe Goddess

I ADOOOOOORE this dress! You guys know me, you know how I love ruffles. One Shoulder + Exaggerated Shoulder + Textured Sleeve = Me Drooling!!!


  1. oh my god the dress the bag i want them both,especially the bag is great ,definetely a must have,thanks Patrice

  2. Hey dilettantes, are you guys strict no white til after Memorial Day and up until Labor Day? Just curious...

  3. it depends, im not strict with labor day, i think it's okay through september (with white shoes/pants/dresses). cream or winter white is a nice alternative after that, but i wouldn't wear a bright white dress in november lol