sparkle motion

lately i've been really into sparkly things (i know my face hasn't been on the blog for a while, but trust me on this), and i have consequently decided to dedicate my life to finding cute sparkly things i can wear for work and play. the best thing about it is that when done right, shiny pieces can take you from day to night with ease. just a little sparkle in an otherwise boring work outfit can make you look edgier, while still abiding by those pesky corporate dress codes.

asos sequin shirt

lanvin sequin tee, via karina zabete

a clip from the j-crew august catalog

and last but not least...
not work appropriate in the least bit (well, depending on where you work), but insane!
chrisitan louboutin via style.com


  1. I love everything shiny. Thanks for some ideas of how to work it into my closet.

  2. the Chrisitan Louboutin are to die for...I wish I had the right job I could wear those to...