2d fashion month faves (f/w 2011)

hello friends!! long time, huh?

did you all get to watch any of the live streams of the fw2011 shows? i love that houses are doing this now-- it feels like i'm there! (well, kinda, not really) there were so many beautiful fall collections that it was hard to narrow it down to a reasonable number, but here were the ones that i really adored!

how beautiful was this collection?! hands down my favorite of the month!

burberry continues their streak of killing the outwear game. the spotted fur was out of this world awesome. not to mention they achieved the perfect flare on all their pants.

i'm a total sucker for color blocking, pattern mixing and red pants, so dkny = wear-to-work perfection.

such pretty, pretty digital prints. the mixture of the soft, feminine prints and the highly structured tailoring is a juxtaposition that works so well.

the stuff of my man repellent dreams! comfy looking pants, big patterns, color blocking, and umm.... is that crushed velvet?!

which collections did you absolutely love? chat with us in the comments!

all images via style.com


  1. Burberry Porsum was my favorite. I live for a nice coat and I agree about the perfect flare on their trousers.

  2. I need to make some life changes so I have places to wear festive clothes like these. The color blocking is fun and I also love those digital prints.

  3. honorable mention goes to stella mccartney for her gorgeous LBDs! http://nymag.com/fashion/fashionshows/2011/fall/main/europe/womenrunway/stellamccartney/

  4. candice.. 1. thanks for reading! :) 2.did you watch the live stream of that show? the finale was perrrrrfection!

  5. I love it ALL!! WOW! Everything looks so beautiful :)

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