some irregular love

as you all can probably tell by now (since 1/2 of all my posts are about shoes), i'm a total shoe whore. of course i love clothes and accessories, but a good pair of shoes will get me everytime. i've always loved irregular choice shoes. they just seem so... special. though, i've never bought any because they always seem to border the line between really super awesome, and really super tacky. but despite all that, right now they have a handful of cuties that i'm really leaning toward getting.
Soho Sunshine
Tribeca Treat
Sweety Bird

anyone with experience with irregular choice who can help influence my decision??


  1. I have no expertise in irregular shoe choice, but I give all of these two thumbs up. Their irregular in the good way, like saying quirky instead of weird.

  2. I really like irregular choice. I have had some in the past that I wore out :) Sweety Bird would be a good choice to me.